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Sinz Racing TI Expert Wheels
Sinz Racing TI Expert Wheels
Each of the 4 wheel sets start out built up with a high quality cassette hub in the rear and light weight hub up front. On the Mini Wheel Sets, the rims have 16 spokes front and rear while the Experts have 32 front and rear. A cool feature on the Mini hubs in both 20 & 24” are that when your little racer grows out of being able to use a 16 spoke wheel, the hubs have 32 holes on them, letting you upgrade to a larger wheel, while continuing to use the same hubs.
The Titanium spokes help you lose half the weight of a regular spoke, while keeping the strength the same if not stronger than a standard spoke. Black aluminum spoke nipples are met on the high quality SINZ rim, making the SINZ Ti Line one of the nicest and lightest wheel sets out today!
The SINZ Ti Wheel sets are available in both in 20” x 24” rims sizes and will accommodate a 1",  1 1/8 or 1 3/8 Tire.The wheel set also includes a 16 tooth Shimano compatible rear cog.

SINZ Expert 20” Ti Wheels – 2.98 pounds *
SINZ Expert 24” Ti Wheels – 3.38 pounds *
* Weights given include a 16 tooth cog and SINZ rim strip!
Price: $2,572.00

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