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Intense For Race Only Intruder FRO Lite Tires
Intense For Race Only Intruder FRO Lite Tires


26x2.35 - IFL-02
26x2.50 - IFL-01
26x2.70 - IFL-12

COMPOUND: S50 Sticky Rubber

CASING: 2 Ply 36 TPI

BEAD: Foldable

26 x 2.35 - 1090 Grams
26 x 2.50 - 1240 Grams
26 x 2.70 - 1295 Grams



The Intruder is one of the newest tires in the line. An adverse conditions tire, the Intruder is at its best when conditions are too wet or sandy for a hard terrain tire, but not enough for a spike tire. Slightly taller knob heights provide amazing soft soil penetration. In intermediate situations with mud, grass, rocks and roots there is no equal. The new 2 ply foldable tire will save you over 300 grams per tire (2.50 Size) while keeping you on route with the S 50 Sticky Rubber Compound.
Price: $999.00

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