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Intense 909 EX DC Lite Tires
Intense 909 EX DC Lite Tires


26x2.35 - IEX2L-03
26x2.50 - IEX2L-04

COMPOUND: 55/60 Dual

CASING: 1 Ply 72 TPI

BEAD: Foldable

26X2.35 - 880 Grams
26X2.50 - 1040 Grams



The 909 is the broadest pattern in the intense line. With the added benefit of Dual Compound, this could be the tire to have, to work in any and all conditions period. If you want a tire that can be ridden just about everywhere, this is it. A double center row of large moto-style knobs yields amazing brake traction. Side knobs are shaped to hold in softer terrain yet are stiff enough so they won't fold over when it's hard.This ultra lite tire will help you save weight and gives you the advantage of dual compounds and 72 TPI, long lasting, iso-ply folding bead EX casing.Exceptionally good in a steep, dry powdery loose conditions.
Price: $999.00

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