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Chatter Cb 50 Autoracing
The CB-50 is so versatile that it can also be used in pilot/co-pilot race car applications. Instructors from road racing schools across the country use the CB-50 for crystal clear full duplex communication between themselves and students. A typical set up would include the purchase of the CB-50 kit, a full/open face headset for the instructor, and the student racing headset for the student.
Price: $6,572.00
Chatter Cb Dnr(touring headset)
ChatterBox introduces its new Noise Reducing Headsets. We've incorporated a dynamic stereo mic and speaker system designed to reduce ambient noise while enhancing voice clarity and music fidelity. Our Noise Reduction headsets are easy to install into most helmets and plug directly into most original factory OEM 5 Pin systems on touring bikes such as Honda Goldwing, Yamaha venture, etc.
Price: $6,572.00
Chatter Hjc 2002 Alarm
The HJC 2002 Motorcycle Security System is a dual button, remote controlled alarm system. The system features a screaming, self-contained 110db siren, and an in-dash mounted LED to ward off potential thieves. The HJC 2002 is so sophisticated it will even let you know when someone has tampered with your bike.For your convenience we've added a vehicle locator function allowing you to pick your bike our of a crowd.
Price: $6,572.00
Chatter Map Star Gps
Map-Star, a product from the developers at Samsung, has been revamped with innovative technological features. Through the benefits of an efficient supply chain, Map-Star offers its consumers the ultimate value navigation products, providing high-quality performance at a reasonable price. Map-Star delivers it's high quality products to end-users through a direct sales/support organization in Korea and U.S.A. We ensure that we will devote human resource and technology expertise to create the best values to our customers. Map-Star is a leading Portable Navigation Product in the world. Mapstar's - excellent R& D resources under proper project management provide the right solutions on timely base in responds to higher quality demand of navigational products in light communication applications Always know where you are and where you're going with turn-by-turn voice and visual guidance on preloaded maps of the U.S.A and Canada. Use the 4.3" color touch screen to enter an address, or select from over Multi Million POI points of interest like any gas station, airport, restaurant, ATM and much more. Kit Includes: - Main system with stylus pen, suction mount for vehicle, desktop stand, 2 GB memory card, vehicle DC adapter/AC adapter, USB cable, users guide/quickstart guide and DVD.
Price: $6,572.00
Chatter Pro Pac Plus
The ChatterBox Pro-Pac System Plus is specifically designed to compliment Kenwood two-way radios.* The Pro-Pac System Plus allows for hands free operation, thanks to the sophisticated VOX BOX (voice activated system) and noise canceling dynamic microphone and speaker system.
Price: $6,572.00


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