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Intense Tubes BMX Race Lite tube
Each tube can save you over an ounce over a standard tube. The Race Lite Tubes are lighter than all other tubes, so this can be the least expensive way to loose weight off of your race bike.
Price: $5,572.00
Intense Tubes EX Tube
The EX Medium weight tubes were tailor made for our EX line. The EX tubes have a thinner wall thickness that helps bring the weight down but still provides excellent flat protection.
Price: $5,572.00
Intense Tubes Fro Tube
The FRO heavy-duty downhill tubes offer maximum protection for the toughest conditions you will encounter. With 4 different sizes, you can get the correct size for your needs. Matched with FRO tires, you can't get much better downhill flat protection from a conventional tire and tube combo.
Price: $5,572.00
Intense Tubes system cc tube
The System CC tube is a special built large diameter thin wall thickness tube that is developed for a bigger sized tire but helps keep the weight down on the tube. In between the EX and the CC Lite, this tube works great.
Price: $5,572.00


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