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Intense For Race Only 909 FRO Tires
The 909 is the broadest pattern in the Intense line. If you want a tire that can be ridden just about everywhere, this is it. A double center row of large moto-style knobs yields amazing brake traction. Side knobs are shaped to hold in softer terrain yet are stiff enough so they won't fold over when it's hard. Exceptionally good in steep dry powdery loose conditions, the 909 is the most popular we make.
Price: $999.00
Intense For Race Only DH FRO Tires
Designed in the USA and made in Japan, makes this the most sought after tubeless tire on the market today.
Modeled after our most popular cross country tire - The System 2, it features our patented C3 rubber compound. Hand produced with the upmost quality in mind.
Price: $999.00
Intense For Race Only Edge FRO Tires
The Edge is designed to perform in intermediate conditions. Especially effective when open terrain is dry and the woods are wet, this tire was designed for extra compliance on slippery wet rooted rocky trails. Multiple notched knobs all over the tire provide a soft feel with tons of "Edges" that bite into intermediate soil and give this tire its name. Ramped center knobs lower rolling resistance and add knob stability under hard braking.
Price: $999.00
Intense For Race Only Intruder FRO Tires
Completely new for 2007 is the Intruder. An adverse conditions tire, the Intruder is at its best when conditions are too wet or sandy for a hard terrain tire, but not enough for a spike tire. Slightly taller knob heights provide amazing soft soil penetration. In intermediate situations with mud, grass, rocks and roots there is no equal.
Price: $999.00
Intense For Race Only Spike FRO Tires
The spike is a dedicated mud tire. Its square profile and extra tall knobs are designed for maximum mud traction. Pyramid shaped knobs with base reinforcement let us run a smaller knob top that won't fold over under load. When wet or muddy conditions are present this tire is a must.
Price: $999.00
Intense For Race Only World Cup FRO Tires
The World Cup excels in dry hard conditions. Used front or rear, the World Cup's lateral center knobs and ramped leading edges provide excellent braking and lowered rolling resistance. Those features combined with its 2.50 size make this a great rear tire choice for almost all conditions.
Price: $999.00
Intense For Race Only Zero FRO Tires
The Zero is a Downhill and 4-X semi-slick with a low rolling resistance center tread. To aid in Traction the Zero features transition knobs that are lower towards the center of the tire and higher towards the outside, and full height that still corners like a full knob tire. The Zero is unmatched when rolling resistance is key to winning.
Price: $999.00


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