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Intense BMX Tires Haalo
INTENSE's full knob tire. It is best suited for hard packed tracks and trail riding. The tight center knobs provide low rolling resistance while the consistent side knobs supply the best in cornering traction. Their 72 TPI casing offer a light weight, supple and comfortable ride. The HAALO is intended for both front and rear applications.
Price: $5,572.00
Intense BMX Tires Hellfire
INTENSE's mid knob tire. It is mainly designed for today's softer tracks and dirt jump areas in mind, but works just as well on the street. By having low knobs, tight spacing and a counter-sunk design it has massive traction with minimal knobby wobble. Add in the 72 TPI lightweight, yet durable casing and the HELLFIRE is one fast tire.
Price: $5,572.00
Intense BMX Tires Hustler
INTENSE's street tire. It was designed with a counter-sunken tread pattern for maximum traction as well as low rolling resistance. It also features an extra strength 72 TPI casing and long wearing comp 70 rubber compound.
Price: $5,572.00
Intense BMX Tires Micro Knobby
The Micro-Knobby. Feared as the most innovated tire in BMX history. With more than 5,000 knobby's per tire they are ramped for fast rolling resistance. Tightly spaced and harshly square, make this the world's best BMX tire. Available in 13 different sizes, makes the Micro Knobby, the best tire in BMX, available for everyone.
Price: $5,572.00


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