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Chatter Cbijetv1 W
Chatter Cbijetv1 W
The perfect solution for controlling the functions of your Ipod while you ride!!!
The iJet controls all functions while the iPod is in the hold position. Use the included clip to mount on your handlebar or wherever is most convenient.

You can also use the Ijet for many other activities such as running or working out; or control your iPod while in a backpack, purse or glove box. The perfect solution for integrating your iPod with your home stereo. The iJet remote control uses a powerful RF signal to send its commands through walls, floors and around corners from up to 150 ft away. Now you can hook up you iPod to your home stereo and control it from the upstairs, downstairs, the kitchen, the living room, your bedroom, or even outdoors!

* This IJET model is only compatible with the following IPOD models: 3rd GEN, 4th GEN (mini & photo)
Price: $6,572.00

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